How do you know the best time to launch toward your purpose and passion?

Timing is one of the keys to purpose and manifesting your dreams.

All these feelings are bubbling up inside, how do you know which one to take? And furthermore, how do I know it will work?

Valid questions, but you don’t have to have all the answers right now. No one ever does.

Having a clear vision is the end of the path, and being that it is the end, it will point to clues and checkpoints along the way. In a way your problem and vision, already contains the solution.

You’ve done all your research and the checkpoints are clear, but how do you know that all the pieces will fall into place?

While no one knows that, you will find that you have a light internally that knows the way. This light is often activated when someone has come upon their purpose or mission in life. This sparks the spirit in a way that allows you to just know that it’s what you have to do.

Yes that’s good and all, but how will you know when external things are lining up with your inner feelings at the perfect time?

In this post, we will cover the internal and external signs that your purpose is near and the time is to act now.

  1. You will be clear on action

You will have done all of your research and you are clear on your first 3 steps to springboard you to getting started on your dream. This does not mean that you will not be uncertain and know each step of the process exactly, but it means that you will the know the general framework of the stages you need to go through.

This action you can feel in your bones is the right one and your intuition will be on fire telling you that you need to start. Taking this step will not only satisfy your inner drive and desire, but will also give you peace because you will be taking a step to become the architect of your life.


  1. You will feel relaxed, yet anxious

You will just feel that your destiny is at hand. It is apparent internally that you are on the right path and stepping into this next chapter will take you to the higher mountain you seek. Although you might be a little uncertain about the outcome, you just know In your spirit you have to try.

You are aware still that bad things could happen, and you acknowledge this, but it does not scare you. You will feel that what’s meant to happen will happen and if it crashes, at least you would be happy you tried to achieve your dream.

  1. Your dream will be realer than ever before

You’re dreaming about it, you’re writing it down, and you’re planning what you’ll do once you get your dream. In a lot of ways, this amazing reality is much more real than your current one because it allows you to be all of who you are. You find yourself having trouble keeping them separate sometimes. But because this dream allows you so much joy, that joy bleeds into everything else you do.

Even if your dream has not manifested yet, you will already feel like you are there. This is something most often associated with “The Law of Attraction.” It is a sign that your manifestation is close because your spirit can feel you finishing your quest while you are still on the journey.

  1. You develop clarity in all areas of your life

As you are taking action to move towards your next step, you will be able to see through your present with new eyes. From your new perspective of possibilities, peace, and calmness, you will approach everything in your life in that fashion. New solutions will begin to just come to you from every portion of your life, and your life will become easier and less abrasive to you because of your newfound purpose and peace.

Things that you couldn’t navigate before or that caused your great pain will no longer put you in a state of pain and irritation that it used to. Things will feel much smoother. Circumstances around you will either just work out, or fade to the background as you move to your new future.


  1. You know you do not want to regret not trying

The urge within you will be so great that it almost transcends time. You see where you are, where you’ve been, and your possibilities for the future. You no longer can imagine your future not fulfilling your purpose. It is not necessarily painful without it, but you just know that you will not be able to become your full self without achieving this dream. It is like it is the core of your existence and you cannot see yourself being apart from it.

You just know that you will not be able to move forward and flourish in your life without this dream being a part of your reality and mission. It will power you past any obstacles, mental barriers, or internal fears to stop what you know is a part of you.



Knowing when it is your time is the essence of having all things align in your favor. This knowing stems from the inside and is the light that will guide you along the path when all other lights go out. This knowing will give you the knowledge of where to look for information, which course to take, which people to trust, and most importantly manifesting your internal mission of happiness.

You have the vision, the knowing will gladly supply the way.

When the timing is right for your purpose, you will feel it I assure you.


Much love and light to you.

How do you inspire positive originality and creativity to fuel passion in your life?


The people really living their passion did so through their unique creativity and originality.

How did they even do that? Hasn’t everything been created already?

It would seem that way, but there is an infinite amount more to create. Such is the nature of the universe.

If there was not more to create, you would not exist in all of your wonderful uniqueness.

But how to do you get inspired to release your creative juices onto the world?

Ridding yourself of the shackles that bond you to conformity is a little hard at first, but with practice you’ll open right up.

In this post we will explore 6 simple techniques you can use to inspire creativity that will allow you to succeed in any niche your choose.

  1. Join a community of creatives

If you are not sure how to get started on the idea that’s brewing in your mind, exchanging with others might trigger your missing piece. When you talk to people within your same field you find all sorts of insights, tips, and ideas that are actually useful and relevant.

How though?

Yes you can go and join a closed community that you have to pay for, but there are hundreds that are absolutely free. Yes there are some on Facebook where you talk and share directly, but there are some others that give all types of juicy info about people your field like Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, and Sub-Reddits. Also searching for forums for your field in Google works great, and some you pay for, but most of the them just ask you for your email for marketing purposes.

This has done me a world of difference.

  1. Idea notebook

Thousands of thoughts stream through your mind everyday about literally everything within your subconscious and conscious mind. While your mind can hold an infinite amount of things, when you are in the flow state used in creative work, your mind is completely open and is focused on expanding rather than storing a lot of the random inspiration that occurs.

How though?

Just get an old notebook, or buy a small transportable notebook from the dollar store. Try to carry this notebook around with you more often than not. You can start with your plan and goals to get the creative juices going but do not get specific. Without specifics, you will make it more open ended and therefore open yourself to an abundance of possibilities and brainstorming. Write the things your randomly think of relating to your goal, you’ll be surprised the amazing things you come up with.

  1. Do something fun

Despite popular belief there are sooo many things to do wherever you are. In a more city area there are things like painting socials, jazz clubs, and boat tours for those who like to sit and socialize. But there are also physically involved things such as hikes, trampoline parks, laser tags, escape rooms, or even arcades.

How though?

By giving your mind a break and not mulling over the same things in the same place continuously, once you get back to your work your mind will be much clearer. Not only will it be easier to focus once you have stepped away, you will probably have different ways of looking at the task at hand; opening you up to different ideas and executions.

  1. Learn from others

Within each field there are many greats and trailblazers. By looking at their stories and strategies for success, not only will you feel you can do it to, but it will give you a wealth of ideas and strategies for yourself. It is important to note that you do not copy anyone, because although that person is phenomenal and smart, you are unique also and have something special to offer. That being said, you can follow their template, but make sure you follow your unique own inspiration to make it personal to you.

How though?

You can look at biographies of large names in your field, but there are also other ways. Another way is to look at your industry and see what companies, or names are standing out. From there you can research their company and figure out their strategies, marketing, sourcing, or anything you feel fuzzy about. Then from there customize it to your own vision and process.

  1. Create w/ no outside influence

Sometimes when working on something we jump to the end of the game. “What will other people think?” “Will this sell?” “What if everyone else hates it?” While these are semi valid questions, they actually greatly impede the creative process. By worrying about an appearance of an end product, it makes you less likely to draw on your unique inspiration and ideas; it prevents you from getting into your “flow.”

How though?

Create as if no one else’s approval matters except yours. This is not only a great way to live life, but it is also great for creation because it is the only way you keep your work completely original. There is nothing wrong with packaging it so it sells a little better on the outside, but at it’s essence the work needs to be completely original and uninhibited.

  1. Loosen certain limits/tighten others

Maybe you’re being a little too strict in the way you want to execute. Sometimes our strictness can place barriers on the things we want to create and how we achieve our goals. Sometimes these are the very things that block out your ‘Aha’ Moment.

How though?

Think about the musts that you have for your goal, write them down. Think about the flexible items that you have and write those down too. Looking at both of these lists, think of your end product. Out of these items on the list, which ones are a must to the end product and which ones aren’t. Develop a new list and create with those constraints instead; you’ll be surprised how much it fuels creative juice and opens your mind.


The originality and inspiration from these techniques will not only greatly improve your work, but it will also affect all other areas of your life. The good energy will flow into everything and your life all around will start to improve over time.

Creativity is the fuel that powers our lives, our happiness, and our spirits. Living without it is a disservice to yourself as well as the world that can benefit greatly from your input.



Love and light to you 😊

What can inspire me to motivate positivity in myself and others while living my passion?

Lost in a sea of confusion, it is growing increasingly hard to find inspiration and peace.

There is so much going on that you feel like you are in the midst of whiplash and peril.

You want to do something to help, but you have no idea how you can. This depresses you and makes you more angry and frustrated.

How do you find the inspiration to help people and free yourself? You know kind of how it feels but how do you get even there?

This post will detail 7 things you can do to awaken inspiration and passion within yourself that you can start today immediately.

You won’t be sorry I promise <3


1.    Seeing nature

A way to induce inspiration within yourself is to experience the completeness, beauty, and complexity of nature.

Get started now:

Of course you can go into nature and hike or meditate if you are able, but if you cannot that is ok to. If you are surrounded in walls of bricks and concrete, try looking at your perfect natural landscape online, relax and meditate; try to visualize yourself there. This may be hard at first, but over time it will be easier and relaxing. Then when the time is right, you can venture into nature in person.

2.    Listening to music

Another way to induce inspiration is listening to relaxing music to soothe your mind by raising your mental frequency to reduce mental clutter and getting to the real you.

Get started now:

Instead of listening to the music you usually listen to, try something a little different. You don’t have to start of just listening to classical music cold turkey, but you can slowly progress toward more relaxing forms of music. The science behind this is that with a more relaxed and clear mind, you will be able to break down barriers and constructs within yourself to do those things that you dream of.

Great transition music is Lo-fi Music. I love this stuff and I’m sure you will to. It’s a more modern electronic version of “calming” music.

3.    Seeing someone in flow

Seeing someone in their element, or in their flow state, will inspire you to get into yours.

Get started now:

You can search videos of people doing their passion. This could be anything from sports, music performances, public speakers, or even researchers speaking about their work. The way that someone lights up with their passion sparks an innate response in you to find your own “flow” passionate state.

4.    Seeing someone in pure joy or gratitude

Seeing someone in pure joy and/or gratitude can inspire you to feel that way internally, and to help others feel that way also.

Get started now:

Go out and help people either in your family or in your community. Experience the joy that you get from giving others joy, and then the gratitude they show you for your help. This frequency is powerful and will inspire you to find all types of ways to want to help others and yourself at the same time.

5.    Seeing your own power

Experiencing how powerful you are is priceless and unparalleled. It removes the mental and social constructs that were previously holding you back from being who you really are.

Get started now:

You can do this through realizing all your accomplishments throughout your life both large and small and tangible and intangible. Think about how many things you’re overcome despite several crippling emotional traumas and damage. Also you can try doing something you never believed you could. By accomplishing this big internal goal, your view of yourself will skyrocket and you will finally see the power you already hold.

6.    Things you love

Being in the presence of things you love activates a type of peace within you that connects you with source and changes how you view everything in your life.

Get started now:

If you don’t necessarily know how to find the “feeling” of loving something, you can begin with being grateful for what you have. This gratitude will open you to see, or even create, things that you love. You can start by focusing on your gratitude for a certain person who is in your life, family, partner, etc. Also you can start through being thankful for the things you have such as hot water, a fridge full of delicious food, not having to worry about bills, etc. These things will inspire gratitude in you and make it easier for you to remove mental blocks that will stop you from achieving your goals.

7.    Seeking truth

Starting a search for truth will open up doors in yourself you never knew you had. This search will nourish your soul and have you craving to learn, understand and become all you are.

Get started now:

Sometimes we get numb from being lied to so much in society and even in our households. This can make you not even know what ground to stand on, and if you don’t have that they why even try? Absolving lies within your psyche and your life by searching for truth is not only internally empowering and gratifying, but gives you secure ground to stand on which will inspire you to your passions and internal journey toward your journey and purpose.



With inspiration awakening the hidden power inside you, you will not only be in a good place to help others but you will also heal and help yourself in ways you never imagined.

Inspiration gives you clarity of mind, not always to a specific thing, but will with time 100% guide you to finding it.

This inspiration awakens the passion and completeness within yourself that is the very thing that will lead you to your true life purpose.

Trust me, you’ll know it when you find it.

And then you will be free and never work or grieve another day in your life.


Love and light to you always.