6 exercises for instant mental clarity and calmness in the middle of stress, anxiety, and chaos

In the heat of the moment, doesn’t it almost feel like things are escalating out of anyone’s control? This lack of uncertainty propels the stress and anxiety through the roof and it seems like a runaway train you can’t stop.

What can you do in the middle of the storm when everything uproots around you, and try not blow away with everything else?

In this post, I will discuss 6 things that you can do in the middle of stressful, painful, of chaotic situation to help you get calmer, clearer, and put everything into a better perspective even just for a moment. From this place you have a better idea of which action to take to rectify any situation longer term and short term.

These are also perfect for anxiety and panic attacks weather in private or in public.


  1. Deep Abdominal breathing

This is one of the most popular, easiest, and most effective ways to gain mental clarity and peace in the middle of a storm. By doing this your mind resets slightly and it puts your body less anxiety, tension, and out of survival mode. This combination will force you to calm down and assess not only the situation in front of you in a less clouded way, but will also help you identify the best way for you to react to that situation.

You will make decisions and find solutions to problems in a way that gives you power and does not have you a victim of reacting, circumstance, or misguided emotions.


  1. Remember a moment instantaneously that you felt happy

Another great reset is to mentally visualize a memory that was the polar opposite of the one you are currently in. This will throw of your momentum of escalating with the situation around you off and kind of put you in a little bit of limbo where you are able to see both sides of the spectrum. Then you will be able to make an informed, realistic, and balanced next step.

In this limbo, your body will automatically seek to become one with your mind and your physical symptoms of anxiety and stress will also begin to cease immediately.


  1. Ground yourself with noticing objects in room

This one is best applied when you are feeling the momentum of anxiety build up within you like an unstoppable train. That moment you get anxiety about your seemingly unstoppable anxiety. You apply this one by looking at the details of 10 things in your surroundings, it doesn’t matter what they are. This works by taking your attention from the situation to the outer world for a moment and helps your mind instantly to have a more rounded perspective and react in a more knowledgeable way when you come mentally return to the situation at hand.

  1. Smell some essential oils

You can do this one of two ways: you can put some oils on your wrists and neck each morning, or you can have a bottle of essential oils in your purse or desk that are ready at a moment’s notice. Prior, during, or after a largely stressful situation take deep whiff of your essential oil and pause just for a moment and bask in the experience. After that moment, you will find you have hit the reset button, or at least a wave of calmness has washed over you to where you can at least function better than prior. Either of these work because of the mental and physical wellness benefits of essential oils and their profound effects to activate instant calm, clarity, and overall reduce internal stress.


  1. Imagine your connection to your source

This one is great for feeling like you are just ablow in a sea of pain and uncertainty. Something especially important for empaths. This exercise makes you feel like you have at least one solid support to stand on. You can do either of these things and they both work just fine.

In the middle of a horrible conflict or stressful situation, you can visualize a white light beaming down into the middle of your head and putting you into a cone of peace and calmness in which no one can actually hurt you. It internally removes you from the situation, giving you calmness and a new less biased perspective. The other one is: when in the middle of the a mad situation, you can imagine that there are roots extending from your feet into the core of the earth like a tree. This makes you feel strong, immovable, and secure no matter what.

This visualization is another mental trick to ground you in the midst of things that threaten your inner peace and to internally concentrate strength in the face of obstacles and pain. It reminds you that the things painful things that happen to you are not who you are and therefore you have power and a choice in how you deal with it.

  1. Think about the perfect outcome and live in that moment instead

A lot of times the reactivity of a situation is perpetuated by the uncertainty it introduces to life. You literally have no idea what will happen so you start making decisions in the limited vision of survival mode. So many live in this mode 24/7 and because of this it is no wonder they end up self-sabotaging themselves constantly. They are not thinking clearly 90% of the time because they are just reacting to the uncertainty of all the possibilities.

When in the throws of a difficult situation, remove the uncertainty and survival response by imagining what you believe is the best outcome. Just imaging this will clear your energetic field as well as introduce clarity and peace to your mind so you won’t fall in the never-ending pit of reactivity, struggle, and fighting.



The storm has not come to bear down on you or break you, but to understand where your strength actually comes from: you.

These above 6 exercises will help you to root yourself, gain clarity in uncertainty, and gain control over the only thing you do control: you.

Using these exercises you will become a conscious independent being that can make sound choices and decisions for their own happiness and the benefit of others.

Make no mistake, all the power lies within you already.


Much love and light to you.

Cover photo by Fillipe Gomes from Pexels

How do you know the best time to launch toward your purpose and passion?

Timing is one of the keys to purpose and manifesting your dreams.

All these feelings are bubbling up inside, how do you know which one to take? And furthermore, how do I know it will work?

Valid questions, but you don’t have to have all the answers right now. No one ever does.

Having a clear vision is the end of the path, and being that it is the end, it will point to clues and checkpoints along the way. In a way your problem and vision, already contains the solution.

You’ve done all your research and the checkpoints are clear, but how do you know that all the pieces will fall into place?

While no one knows that, you will find that you have a light internally that knows the way. This light is often activated when someone has come upon their purpose or mission in life. This sparks the spirit in a way that allows you to just know that it’s what you have to do.

Yes that’s good and all, but how will you know when external things are lining up with your inner feelings at the perfect time?

In this post, we will cover the internal and external signs that your purpose is near and the time is to act now.

  1. You will be clear on action

You will have done all of your research and you are clear on your first 3 steps to springboard you to getting started on your dream. This does not mean that you will not be uncertain and know each step of the process exactly, but it means that you will the know the general framework of the stages you need to go through.

This action you can feel in your bones is the right one and your intuition will be on fire telling you that you need to start. Taking this step will not only satisfy your inner drive and desire, but will also give you peace because you will be taking a step to become the architect of your life.


  1. You will feel relaxed, yet anxious

You will just feel that your destiny is at hand. It is apparent internally that you are on the right path and stepping into this next chapter will take you to the higher mountain you seek. Although you might be a little uncertain about the outcome, you just know In your spirit you have to try.

You are aware still that bad things could happen, and you acknowledge this, but it does not scare you. You will feel that what’s meant to happen will happen and if it crashes, at least you would be happy you tried to achieve your dream.

  1. Your dream will be realer than ever before

You’re dreaming about it, you’re writing it down, and you’re planning what you’ll do once you get your dream. In a lot of ways, this amazing reality is much more real than your current one because it allows you to be all of who you are. You find yourself having trouble keeping them separate sometimes. But because this dream allows you so much joy, that joy bleeds into everything else you do.

Even if your dream has not manifested yet, you will already feel like you are there. This is something most often associated with “The Law of Attraction.” It is a sign that your manifestation is close because your spirit can feel you finishing your quest while you are still on the journey.

  1. You develop clarity in all areas of your life

As you are taking action to move towards your next step, you will be able to see through your present with new eyes. From your new perspective of possibilities, peace, and calmness, you will approach everything in your life in that fashion. New solutions will begin to just come to you from every portion of your life, and your life will become easier and less abrasive to you because of your newfound purpose and peace.

Things that you couldn’t navigate before or that caused your great pain will no longer put you in a state of pain and irritation that it used to. Things will feel much smoother. Circumstances around you will either just work out, or fade to the background as you move to your new future.


  1. You know you do not want to regret not trying

The urge within you will be so great that it almost transcends time. You see where you are, where you’ve been, and your possibilities for the future. You no longer can imagine your future not fulfilling your purpose. It is not necessarily painful without it, but you just know that you will not be able to become your full self without achieving this dream. It is like it is the core of your existence and you cannot see yourself being apart from it.

You just know that you will not be able to move forward and flourish in your life without this dream being a part of your reality and mission. It will power you past any obstacles, mental barriers, or internal fears to stop what you know is a part of you.



Knowing when it is your time is the essence of having all things align in your favor. This knowing stems from the inside and is the light that will guide you along the path when all other lights go out. This knowing will give you the knowledge of where to look for information, which course to take, which people to trust, and most importantly manifesting your internal mission of happiness.

You have the vision, the knowing will gladly supply the way.

When the timing is right for your purpose, you will feel it I assure you.


Much love and light to you.

The 6 part process to transform you into an independent, self-sufficient, and self-reliant person

Most people live as a passive, unwilling victim of their circumstances and their “Story.”
While no one is invalidating the truth of where they are coming from, these beliefs have bad after affects that impede them living in their power and freeing themselves from the red tape.

Yea, they say, easier said than done.
But done is the simplest part honestly.
Doing the inner work might seem like a maze and a labyrinth of sinkholes and pain from unresolved issues. But it doesn’t have to be.
There might be pain, but it’s ok because healing the wounds is the only way to move past the chains of your surroundings and yourself.
Below you will learn 6 simple methods that together will free you to become your own self sufficient and independence person.

1. Determine the why’s of your beliefs

Think of the age old question “Tell me a little bit about yourself?” This question is so loaded because it tries to condense your intricacies into smaller phrases, words and statements. You yourself know you are so much more than just those words because you know why you say those things. This same space is powerful to do the necessary introspection that produces independent thinking.
What do you “believe” about the nature of yourself, and the world around you? And more importantly, why do you believe those things? Acknowledging this will free you from being in a reactive state, swayed by dogma, or taken advantage of. The clarity of this with yourself will make you a powerful self sufficient person that can overcome any obstacle or problem and make good decisions.

2. Clean up inner emotions and outer emotions for mental clarity.

We have this horrible stigma in Western Society that emotions are bad. While sometimes moods can be problem some, emotions are not the root of all evil. Where did this idea even come from? After all we are emotional creatures and it is within our nature.
I think most would agree that emotions are not the problem, but resulting emotional imbalances from the past is the real problems. Most insane emotions are trickle-downs from other unresolved issues. Coughing down this issues puts you into an emotional survival mode to cover up the issue and over time begins to control you. You become a slave to your triggers, fears, and past experiences.
To achieve independence from allowing the past to control you is to approach the touchy situation with a sense of neutrality, as if you were telling someone else. This way may be painful and it will resurface; let it do so and validate your own feelings. By stating the facts and validating your feelings you have realized your true power and are no longer a victim. Both parts of you are at peace: your logic and your emotion. From this balanced place, you have the power to allow that past situation to not snowball and derail your life and future.

3. Determine the obstacles that you back. Be honest and don’t sugar coat.

So many people feel like they have no idea what they want to do. Most times this is because they are so disconnected from themselves that they have no idea how to tell what their soul is drawn to. This is perfectly ok. Just start from wherever you are and think and do things that make you deeply happy. Do this a lot, knowing and practicing the feeling of genuine happiness will open internal doors within you to reveal your passions and make the path clear.
While you’re doing this peacefully without judgement regularly, you will intuitively know what steps are necessary to do some of your wants and dreams. What is stopping you from doing those things? are your barriers external or internal?
Understanding and seeing your internal and external barriers is not about knocking them down, it is about realizing that they never existed. This ability to see around internal and external obstacles is key to being an independent person who can fully be who they are and understand their purpose and true joy. This puts you in the drivers seat of your life. Moving past barriers internally will make you a whizz at moving the external barriers that approach you along the way to your passion and path. You will be an unstoppable force.

4. Decide their own version of the truth they stand on and approach the world with.

In an endless ocean of information and opinions, what you pay attention to says a lot about you. Of the information you consume, do you consume the information to tell you what to think, or to use it to form your own opinion?
Figuring out what you believe separate from external stimuli is the very meaning of independence. It allows you to plot your own course and decide the direction of your energy and your place in the universe.

5. Understand finances where they are now, and where they want to be

Money is a real thing. I understand that some people don’t care about it, and it is good not to be attached to it…… but it’s not healthy to pretend it’s not there. Finances is a part of life, and understanding yours will fix a lot of your uncertainty.
Taking a step into financial literacy will put you in the drivers seat of life and illuminate the path of self sufficiency. You want to live your life on your own terms internally and externally as well. Be a slave to nothing.
Determine what you can do to make money enough to the things you want. Remember that money is not the goal, the way you want to feel is. Money is owned by you it does not own you.
Financial honestly and literacy one of the keys to seeing internal and external independence. The sooner you start, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

6. Becoming of self aware of the present moment

Of the past, present, or future, which holds your power now? The present. Your power is within the present, and this also can control your future. The actions and decisions you make today change your world forever to affect your past and future. This is powerful and is the key to taking action to become your own person.
So many people are controlled by what they think their future would be, or what their past was. Yes those may be real, but neither of those are within your power right now. Be in your power!
Become independent and a soaring star by taking responsibility for your present, not to change your views of the past, not just for your future, but also for the pleasure and power of this moment.
This way you become free from hypothetical what-ifs, overthinking, and made-up obstacles.


Becoming independent is the only way to free yourself period.
This does not mean not relying on other people for somethings. It just means that at the end of the day you are the only one that holds the present and future keys to your life and your story.
Great pleasure and responsibility wait at the door of your self-reliance independence.

Much love and light to you.


How do you discover personal freedom and mental and emotional independence?

Gaining true independence seems so big, it almost overwhelms you to even think about it.

At first glance the crushing weight of responsibility threatens to smash you flat.

Before you dismiss it completely, if you are patient with yourself, you will find the road to independence is smooth, steady, and filled with wonder and joy.

If you are willing to be loving and patient with yourself, you will find that the chains that stop your independence would fall off quite easily and simply.

So many people are trapped in a spiritually and physically codependent state with the environment and the people around them. They react to the things around them, either good or bad, and from there use it to define the way they view the world around them as well as themselves. This is destined for sadness and dissatisfaction.

Being in this reactive state puts you at odds with who you really are and robs you of your independence.

In this post I will explore 6 techniques to try to gain mental and eventually physical independence from the world around you to evolve into your own empowered free individual.

  1. Challenge beliefs and assumptions

The first way to gain independence, is to challenge the things you think you know. Take a step back in self reflection and think of how you relate to the yourself, your life, and the world around you.

By doing this, you will dissect your logical processes and expose assumptions that make up how you define yourself and your environment. How many things that you believe actually came from you conscious choice? Picking apart the things you believe will not only give you confidence in yourself, but also will free you from any hindering beliefs and assumptions that are not even your own.


Write down 5-7 concepts that in a nutshell explain you, your place in the world, and the world around you. Think of how you came to believe these things? Did they come from you, or did you just attach them to your psyche from other people?

  1. Do things that makes you happy

Another way to gain independence is to take your happiness in your own hands by consistently doing things that make you happy. During this process, you can realize that you are in control of how you feel, and no one else can truly make you fully happy except you.

Taking charge of your own happiness and how you feel will not only liberate you from the chains of your environment, but it will inspire you to find more things that make you happy. Over time you will have a brand new outlook on life and develop an insatiable desire for growth, expansion, and freedom.

  1. Define your goals w/out any external options

The next way to gain independence is to define goals and dreams that you have without the judging them with assumptions and stereotypes from the outside world.

By being honest about the things you want out of life, you break free from familial pressure, social norms and chains, and move uninhibited toward your life purpose. Putting your goals into perspective in relation to where you are, will inspire your unique perspective, creativity, and originality to develop your own plan to get there. You’ll surprise yourself with how you’ll be able to gather information and figure it all out.

  1. Soothe/comfort yourself

A way to gain an insurmountable amount of Independence is to become emotionally self-sustaining. Everyone has things that have happened that hurt them in the past. Sometimes if you have trouble healing, you often seek solace through depending on others to make you forget, give you a solution, or chase the pain away. Not only is this not sustainable, but it encourages codependency and mental slavery.

Breaking free of that type of bondage is the key to your spiritual freedom. Knowing how to take alone time for yourself, reflect and process how you are feeling, and let things go is a super power that can take you through anything in life.

  1. Understand finances and where you stand

So much financial information and knowledge is hidden from certain groups of people. Most people unfortunately know how to build everything else but true wealth. Why is this? This is because people have been trained into being in the dark financially and to blindly follow others who seem to have it, feeling you are doomed to never have their own.

By seeking out financial literacy and sustainability, you will feel more in charge of your future than ever before. Seeing the many financial possibilities and wealth opportunities opens up to accomplish all your dreams, pursue every pleasure you have, and support your family and lifestyle.

  1. Self discovery and mental clarity

Sometimes it feels like you just are floating along in a numb state of reacting into the world around you. You might feel your power is taken away form you and you don’t know how to take it back and gain your discretion and independence.

The first step to taking your power back is discovering yourself. This you do through self reflection and inner work. Instead of tackling this right away hear on, you can relax your way into it with things such as medication, yoga, and Tai Chi. These activities are relaxing to both the body and mind, and can significantly propel forward the mental clarity needed to uncover who you are. Other than those things, you can also start doing your passion and the “flow” state from that will uncover more and more about yourself.

The goal here is to discovery yourself furthermore your voice within yourself and within your world.

  1. Form self generated habits/routines

A great for of independence is developing your own routine and lifestyle.

This builds on the other techniques earlier of self-discovery and emotional sustainability. Based on those things and researching into your views, you can develop a set of activities that empower you to life your best life inside and out.

This can be absolutely anything from running in the mornings, to meditating for 5 minutes, to a special self affirmation routine you do before work every morning. Taking the time to develop and implement things that make your life better if a priceless change that will not only make you more independent, but also skyrocket your confidence and self-esteem.



Independence is the door to your spiritual awakening and awakening your joy and purpose in life.

By cultivating your own independence, you allow yourself to awaken your purpose passion and uniqueness within you and move forward to live the life your inner self knows it can.

Try these and you will not be disappointed.

Grown and flourish with your independence unapologetically.


Love and light to you.