The 4 essential steps to defining your personal truth, finding positivity, and individual identity

So many people feel lost because they feel like they don’t know who they are.
Lost in a sea of stimuli, how do you construct the identity that gives you a springboard into a life and experiences that are customized to you?

You find yourself through the seeking of peace, gratitude, and internal analysis introspection. Notice I didn’t imply anything about conclusions or judgments. The reason I did this, is because clarity will come to you and it will not be ambiguous.

The steps below will allow you to find and gather the blocks that can allow you to begin to define you as a unique being. Through finding your uniqueness you will own your own freedom, independence, and passion that will give you the meaning you search for.

You must approach all of this as a judgement free zone.

Let’s begin.

Find things that make bring you joy

Taking little moments to bring joy to your life draws a map to passion and purpose. In addition to that, it plugs you into your true power because it brings you fully and unrestrictedly into the present moment. The complete immersion into the present moment unlocks hidden clarity and release that allows you to become all of who you are.
During this process as more joy flows through you, take a seat and observe who you are in this moment. How does it feel? What thoughts do you have? Take silent note of the process of your getting there, and hone in on that feeling of that joy state. Both of these are critical to how your internally and externally define your identity.

Find things that activate gratitude

Joy and gratitude are defiantly linked and work together, but they are not necessarily the same thing. Gratitude is a frequency that is powerfully linked with relaxation, release, and flowing. When you are in this state you unknowingly become who you are in a more existential, selfless, blissful state. The kind of “peace that passes all understanding” is defiantly a component of being in a state of gratitude.
Gratitude activates a flow state which allows you to be more at peace to activate those feelings, actions, and emotions that you find holding to yourself. Internal and external barriers start to vanish and the feelings and emotions of who you are begin to step forward with no shame or judgment.

Gratitude for who you have always been:

What thoughts, ideas, and actions come to you without any personal restriction or judgements? Think of how your life has gone so far, and of how it is now? Aside from the external forces that were there, what feelings and thoughts did you constantly have and why? Identifying these patterns and trends is key to understanding your identity over time as a separate whole from the things swirling around you throughout your life. This construct of who you have been is important to your life journey, but who you are now and in this moment, is your true identity.

Gratitude for who you are now:

In addition to providing the best takeoff for introspection into who you are, gratitude is also great for giving identity to who you are now and in the future. Yes, you have always been “who you are,” but the present is the cutting edge between past, present, and future. From the duality that makes you a conscious being, you can always change who you are, and more importantly how you reflect who you are to the world. Gratitude immerses you in the present and helps you decide who you want to be now.
Gratitude can illuminate the things that you are grateful for as well as the things that matter to you. The things that matter to you are clues to the places where your heart truly lies and finds its joy. From gratitude in the present moment, you can see the things that define who you are in this moment. This identity is a great jumping place to start from to move forward in a direction that resonates with your heart and soul.

Find out how you approach the world around you

How you interact and approach the world around you is an important component of how you identity yourself because it addresses the relationship between self and “outside” of self. Yes your connection to source is individual and you have individual control of your energy, but you cannot deny that we are all together in one reality and energy field. This field is made of all of us and how you plug into it says a lot about you. Do you look at things around you to tell you who you are, or do you internally decide? Most people find that they are a mixture of both, and that is very ok.

By determining how you relate to the world around you, you can begin to draw conclusions of your values and character and from there how you choose to express those energies into your reality and world. You will begin to demystify the essence of you and how you choose to transform that essence into something the world around you can see and experience with you. This is the beginnings of living your passion by showing others their own joy and passion. How you choose to use your energy and power is a dynamic portion of who you are as an independent conscious person in the world.

Find what things you find yourself thinking about a lot

Thoughts do not define you, but they make a big impact on views of yourself and the environment around you. This one will involve some introspection, but is essential to understanding the internal structures that make up your identity. As Earl Nightengale said “We become what we think about.”
As you begin to take in this wonderful journey of becoming yourself, take a neutral observation of yourself in daily life. What thoughts are randomly running through your mind all day? Take silent note of what these thought are directly about, but pay just as much attention to the energy and internal conclusions about those thoughts. Collectively think about what umbrellas of meanings those thoughts fall under. Are the thoughts about having transcendental experiences such as helping others, about writing music, or about drawing art work? Are they about all those obstacles you think you have in your life such as your parents, money, that mean person at your job, all the things out of your control?
These thoughts control your actions and choices in the world. Don’t worry if it reveals your constant pain and negativity. There is no power in judgment and pain, only in clarity and solution. Your thoughts are not you, they are a function of you and can be leveraged you our benefit.
By acknowledging what you think about, it will become clear how it relates to who you and how you define yourself. And most of all, if you don’t like something, or you have thoughts that give you pain, just step outside yourself and move to other less painful thoughts. That may sound counterproductive, but it is the only way to remove the negative blockages that can prevent you from fostering the pure thoughts and feelings from the essence of who you are.


Identity does not construct you as a separate being all alone, but identifies you as a unique influential component to the universal puzzle.

By becoming the whole and all of who you are, you become unlock the door to yourself and the freedom to truly be a part of the world around you.

Use the construction of your identity as the springboard into you passionate, fruitful, future.

Much love and light to you.