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Health provides us with the vehicle that carries us through our lives, weather fantastic or tragic. Good health is the foundation on which all of the  happenings of life rest upon as one rides down their individual timeline. It is not something that has a final destination, but a journey filled with fitness goals, lifestyle goals, and motivational pivots to get you to your highest potential. 

All day you look at nutritional motivation, fitness inspiration, and lifestyle motivation on social media as an effort to get you started. Unfortunately, the key many do not realize is that the real work that sustains your effort and consistency begins on the inside.

Changing one’s health is no easy task; outside forces can storm around and prevent progress easily. Taking control of one’s health, as we all know, is no task for the weak willed; it requires dedication to consistency and the task at hand.

First you will explore 6 reasons why physical health is important, just so you can put it in perspective properly. Following that we will give you 7 methods to overcome any internal or external barriers that try to stop your journey. 

Let us begin! 🙂

Reason 1: Stress-Management

The first reason good health is important is because healthy lifestyles have ample opportunities for stress relief and balancing emotions.

Reason 2: Stable Energy Levels

A healthy diet helps mitigate the hormonal issues accompanied by high stress levels through consistent ingesting of certain fruits and vegetables.  Diet, when combined with exercise, will give one more stable energy levels eliminating “normal” things like afternoon fatigue and energy crashes throughout the day. Less energy roller coasters means happier, better decisions and better days.

Reason 3: Overcome Nutrition Imbalance


Also a healthy  balanced diet helps overcome the nutritional deficiency accompanied but high  amounts of stress. Nutritious food can replenish the nutrients that are used  overzealously due to an abundance of stress hormones.

Avocado, Oats,  Pistachios and other cheap and nutritious items can replenish nutrition and  healthy sugars and fats that are often devoured by stress hormones.

Reason 4: Anxiety Reduction

Better food  and exercise helps mentally promote mental health and has been shown to  significantly reduce anxiety. Exercise specifically helps manage stress to over time make one calmer and more even tempered in all aspects.

Cabbage, Beets,  Seaweed, and Broccoli are some of the best foods one can add to their diet to  reduce stress; and simultaneously they are extremely nutritious.

Reason 5: Quality Sleep


Finally, healthy  lifestyles promote better quality sleep, which leads to better starts to any type of  day. Over time, one becomes less dependent on energy boosters like coffee for energy to do day to day tasks. Most importantly, better sleeping consistently allows more mindfulness and cognizance during the day.

Overall a healthy lifestyle and diet that promotes good health can reduce stress, promote  emotional balance, improves sleep, and reduces everyday anxieties.

Reason 6: Long Term Body Health

The next reason for consistently maintaining good health is of course long term body health for many years to come.

Circulatory Health


A very popular long term health goal is  the improvement of the circulatory system, not only because blood is the body’s  lifeline, but also because it works to prevent one of the most rampant diseases of  today’s age: heart disease. Also the efficiency of one’s circulatory system is  important in the brain specifically, preventing blood clots, aneurysms, and  strokes; something that plagues an abundance of people.

Digestive Efficiency


Another long term health benefit is the establishment and further promotion of long term digestive health. Good health allows the body to digest food better and more efficiently;  this causes one’s body holds onto less fat and waste. This causes natural weight  loss, among other healthy bodily occurrences. Lifestyle and diet habits that  produce good health help balance all hormone levels, which in turn regulates all  processes throughout the body. It moderates things such as continuous  metabolic levels and affects subconscious body operations such as digestion to  become more efficient.

Securing one’s body longevity is a direct result of a good  healthy lifestyle balance through decreased risks of heart disease, digestive  issues, and metabolic imbalances within the body.

How to Overcome the many barriers


Fighting against the current by overcoming the staggering amount of  exterior factors is no task for the weak minded. Obstacles one fights against are  personal coping rituals, family influences, and crushing social pressure and leverage. When one tries to move forward to health with discouragement flying in  from every angle, it is very hard to find where to pull strength from.

#1 Realize This is a Long term Lifestyle Improvement

The first main  way to fight these overwhelming influences, is to realize that good health is a  lifestyle change, not an overnight solution to just lose weight. The mental  practice of setting goals/making a schedule with emotional attachment to  achievement will pull rather than push toward the goal.

#2 A New Self Image will promote New Habits

‘Pull’ toward a goal works  far better, because it always provides a light at the end of the tunnel no matter  what happens. Through emotional attachment and morphing one’s self image,  one can change their internal state of being; thus inspiring an urge to keep in line  with who one’s new self identity. With this newfound internal conviction, one will  be able to deal with difficult moments when anyone normally would want to quit. 

#3 Work to Resolve Emotional Roots


Also, with emotional attachment and internal conviction, emotional food coping  and other emotional issues will be forced to be exposed. The root causes of  addiction to certain foods will have no choice but to be eradicated.

#4 Adaptability over Rigidity

Finally, because life is unpredictable, one must allow wiggle room for adjustment in plans, but be sure not to facilitate intentional slacking. Through flexibility in how exactly a goal is achieved, anyone would be more likely to stick to it because one is equipped with apt tools to combat the capriciousness of life. Taking accountability for one’s health and creating a plan that is realistic and unrelenting towards achievement, cannot help but set one up for success. 

#5 Personal Accountability

The second way to fight overwhelming external factor influences is to begin holding oneself as the only one accountable for one’s health. Realize it is no one else’s responsibility. Because of this commitment level, one creates consistent contingency plans to ensure staying on track.

Food Journal


The first way to take personal responsibility for health is owning a food journal. This works because it is a written record of accountability and a true record of one’s progress. Also, writing everything down allows one to work out otherwise invisible fuzzy spots, dietary solutions, and possibly exercise programs in an easier way.

#6 Make an Environment that reflects success

The next way to take personal responsibility is to try to change one’s surroundings to be geared toward personal success. Take extra  precaution against discouragement, and set up your home/business in a way  that makes success and easy option, and makes the wrong choice harder and  more inconvenient. When first starting, it also might help to remove temptation  from one’s path as much as possible, so it doesn’t even cross one’s eyes.

#7 Outside Accountability and Support is ok too


The third personal responsibility mechanism is to join a support group or asking others to hold one accountable performing everyday habits toward one’s ambition. Also having another person to talk to is an easier way to release emotions and prevent slumps/emotional roller coasters and possible slacking.  When one is confronted with challenges, a good way to find solutions and trade ideas is speaking with others working toward the same goal, so everyone can achieve their goal together. By keeping a food journal, working with likeminded people, and designing one’s environment around success, overcoming external factors to good health will be a simple breeze.  



Good health is one of the cornerstones for how one lives and goes about daily tasks. It will not only strengthen one physically, but also increase mental strength and clarity; this can prepare one for absolutely anything that comes into one’s path. With high standards and flexible planning, one can still be goal oriented but be flexible with one’s job or personal life to create a healthy lifestyle that meshes in efficiently with certain circumstances. Reducing anxiety and promoting emotional balance through cost effective, readily available food is something that good health provides consistently. This calmer even mental playground causes every area of one’s life to grow in abundance. Good health is something that cannot be ignored or passed up in favor or easier alternatives because it is in fact the steppingstone to one achieving their personal and social victory and freedom.


Much love, peace, and happiness. 😊

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