What are the best easy and quick homemade healthy snacks for weight loss?


We’ve all heard it.

“The real way to loose weight it not to eat!”

While there are real methods such as intermittent fasting that show time and time again to work, that is not the only method of loosing weight.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is in the efficiency and function of the metabolism and digestion.

You body honestly is trying to do the right thing by you, and in order to loose weight you can easily help it do so.

A great way to help fuel and repair your metabolism and digestion is with your choice of snacks because it is the link between all your nutritionally dense meals. Using snacks can make a world of difference because it effects your nutritional levels, metabolic rate, and ease of digestion.

Yes we all know that, but how does that help you loose weight?

I’m glad you asked. This post will detail how to use snacks to loose weight we well as ideas and links to recipes at the end.

Let’s go!


But really, how can snacking help me loose weight?

An understandable question with an equally understandable answer.


Nutrients found in snacks help fuel your body in-between meals. They can give the body good things to run off of, or gunk that makes you sluggish and puts you at advantage for the entire rest of the day. Snacking between meals is not only good for you, but extremely important because depending on your level of activity, snacking may provide you the energy you need to keep your body making energy. Failing to do so continuously and starving yourself will cause your metabolism to slow down, making you more sluggish and more likely to have fatigue and gain weight unnecessarily.

Good, metabolic fueling snacks not only give your great energy at the time, but encourages your body to maintain it’s rate of processing and using energy; something essential for weight loss.


As introduced above, snacks fuel your body in-between meals. The digestion of those snacks makes an enormous impact on how your body digests your meals later that day. For instance, a snack full of empty calories and inflammatory additives will irritate your digestive system, cause bloating, and add waste to your colon. When your body goes to digest your dinner, it will already be at a disadvantage and you are much more likely to get indigestion, acid reflux, and lower absorption of nutrients when you eat your main meals later.

Snacks that are easy for digestion and nutrition not only give your intestines a much needed break and relief, but they also encourage better nutrient absorption, easier energy conversion, and promote elimination of built up of waste in the colon.

Shedding toxins and waste

Being that snacks can be involved with improving digestion and metabolic conversion, it also has an effect on the present results of past body functions. Through enhancing the feasibility of the previous two processes, the body naturally will begin to expel those wastes and things that were built up from previous sluggishness. The body naturally burn up fat and either use it as energy, or dispel it as waste. During the process, the body will stop being inflamed, and will properly eliminate debilitating toxins and fats in the body.


How to snack with a purpose?


There are certain points throughout the day in which your body benefits more from certain foods than others. The general body processes at certain parts of the day can easily pair with the foods you eat to solidify your body’s naturally rejuvenating processes.

Morning Breakfast- Energy and immune support

Midday snack- Energy Sustentation

Lunch- Metabolic pillar, easy digestion, energy

Midday snack- Energy Sustentation

Dinner- Metabolic pillar, begin the refreshing/detox process @ end of day

Before Bed -Renewal, Detoxification or immune and digestion

By working with your body to do what it naturally does, loosing weight is easy as longs as work with the rhythm. Processes will sync up together and begin to loose those things which impede that process such as waste, toxins, and excess fats.


Thinking about the composition of your food and meals. You can do calorie counting; that works for a lot of people. I don’t know about you, but I can’t necessarily do that all the time. As a make-up for that, I think about the composition of my meals, kind of like a dietary plate guideline.

You don’t have to follow these to the tee, but you can use them as a guideline to help you develop your own rules.

Morning Breakfast- Energy and immune support

Fruit, Healthy fat, Fibrous Carb, calorically dense

Midday snack- Energy Sustentation

Fruits (preferably dried fruit, it’s a little heavier) or Nuts

Lunch- Metabolic pillar, easy digestion, energy

Healthy fats, nutritious carbs

Midday snack- Energy Sustentation

Fruits (preferably dried fruit, it’s a little heavier) or Nuts

Dinner- Metabolic pillar, begin the refreshing/detox process @ end of day

Healthy fats, nutritious carbs, nutritiously dense food, calorically dense

Before Bed -Renewal, Detoxification or immune and digestion

Fruits, fibrous


Snacks to shed pounds

Dark Chocolate and Almonds

Best Time: In the morning

Recipe: Paleo Leap Recipe

Peanut Butter and Celery

Best Time: midday after lunch

Recipe: Weight Watcher’s Recipe

Apple Blueberry Honey Bread

Best Time: midday after lunch or midday before lunch

Recipe: Olga in the Kitchen Recipe

Avocado Toast

Best Time: lunch, midday after lunch

Recipe: All Recipe’s recipe

Cranberry Oat Bars

Best Time: In the morning, Lunch

Recipe: Eat Yourself Skinny recipe

Bananas Chips

Best Time: Evening, midday before lunch

Recipe: Archanas Kitchen recipe

Roasted Edamame

Best Time: midday before lunch, midday before lunch, evening

Recipe: All Recipe’s recipe

Roasted Chickpeas

Best Time: midday before lunch, midday before lunch, evening

Recipe: Cherished Bliss recipe



By approaching weight loss with a system, you can work with your body to naturally expel fats, function easier, and nutritionally rebalance itself.

Snacking, since it is throughout the day, is great to repair and boost your bodies’ function and encourage continuous energy and detoxification.


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