What snacks can you eat at bedtime without feeling guilt or disturbing your sleep?


You’re not alone I promise. For most people, winding down and relaxing in the evening usually means some type of food.

It’s ok. It’s normal.

You don’t want something super heavy, or huge, but just enough to satisfy the twinge of hunger you feel.

Often times these types of snacks consist of anything you can get your hands on super fast. Which unfortunately most times is store-bought snacks with a plethora of additives and unhealthy components.

But can you argue with their convenience just before bed? Nope. But you can make a compromise that you and your wallet will like.

Making healthy bulk snacks at one time throughout the week will not only save a lot of money, but will help ease your anxiety about healthy eating and encourage you to journey forth.

A lot of people warn against eating at night because it disrupts your body’s sleep cycle. And honestly I cannot argue with this fact.

But if the snack is healthier it is much less likely to disturb sleep and instead will just fuel the body’s natural rest and rejuvenation procedures.

Yea…. but how do you even make that judgement?

Lets break it down to its most basic form so the logic is completely transparent.

Lets go!

What makes a snack “healthy”?

The facts that rule the verdict on weather a food is healthy or not most often depend on a balance between nutrients vs harmful components. Most often with snacks specifically it has an above average sugar content, or salt content, in comparison to the nutrition and caloric density the food can provide.

But the thing is that the facts don’t always satisfy the craving and they certainly don’t always taste good.

Healthy snacking can still be delicious snacking. And although they are available in the store, honestly……. some are not very wallet friendly.

A “healthy” snack is one that:

  • consists mainly of whole ingredients
  • satisfying but not overly heavy
  • no extreme salt
  • no extreme refined sugar
  • no dangerous additives
  • not overly expensive
  • tastes good.

You might have think I ruled out everything. But Alas, I have not!

The key to healthy affordable snacking is getting out ahead of it.

You cannot help the fact that you are human and occasionally want to engorge on a savory snackable food. It is only natural. But how can your homemade healthy snack compete with the convenience of packaged ones?

Making large bulk amounts of healthy snacks at one time and eating them throughout the week is not only extremely affordable, but also very convenient just like the less healthy alternatives are. Problem solved.

All of the snacks I have below can be prepared ahead of time so your rummaging through the kitchen at all hours can be yummy and exciting.


What’s good in food at night?

At night your body rejuvenates and resets itself. This means any food you eat should encourage and fuel the detoxication and renewal of your body at night.

There are three ways I categorize:

Digestive Cleansing:

These foods are great at light digestion that will not disturb your rest. Usually these type of foods are more fibrous, stocky, and more satisfying. In addition to that, they are great for intestinal digestive health.


These food are the ones that are nutritionally good for your body and your palette at the same time. They provide your body with the nutrition necessary to not only repair daily damage, but also give you energy upon waking the next morning.

Enhancing sleep:

These foods naturally relax the body and induce a deeper, more restful, and peaceful sleep. These are the comfort type foods.

Now this is enough theory for you. Lets get into the tasty tangibles!


4 Delicious Healthy Bedtime Snacks


  • Craisins +Raisins

The abundance of nutrients from these foods comes from their hydrated counterparts from which time enhances their sweetness and deliciousness. These are such great snacks because you can buy them in large amounts and they are immediate, convenient, and super portable. They may be little, but trust and believe they are mighty.

What I have began doing recently is getting a large bag of craisins and raisins and mixing them together in one bowl. After that if I grab a handful as needed, or even grab a small bowl of them as I sit down and watch my Netflix shows.

And lemme tell you, no guilt with these babies. No matter how many you eat you never feel like crap.


  • Tortilla Chips

Honestly, these are perfect for that mid evening snack to snuggle up with as well as a great fun midday crunchy snack. To help spending money, I strongly suggest buying a bag of Corn Tortillas, seasoning them, and baking them in the oven for 20-30 minutes.

These are particularly healthy through giving your body a great supply of Vitamin B-3, which is great for metabolism. This means that eating this before your sleep can help fuel your body to more easily energize energy with the foods you eat the next day.

They are crunchy goodness which you can gorge on to your heart’s content. Believe me I do all the time. Here’s a great recipe from Mexican Pleasure here.


Digestive Cleaning

  • Dried, or fresh, Fruit Blend

Most any dried and fresh fruits help relax and rejuvenate the body and are great at providing the body with a high amount of fiber as well as reducing indigestion and constipation. This is perfect at night to set your body up for digestive system success for the next coming day.

Doing these blends yourself will definitely get you a lot more food for your money. It costs more upfront yes, but it lasts so much longer than your could ever would think it would. My personal dried blend consists of raisins, raisins, dried mango, and chopped dates. and I put them in a large bag together and grab as needed throughout the week. For my fresh blend, I do mandarin oranges, apples, bananas, raspberries, and strawberries. This I usually put into a large glass/plastic bowl that I can put in the refrigerator and grab as craved. This combo has the stockiness and sweetness that is a good topping to the evening.


Enhancing Sleep

  • Dark Chocolate Kisses

Dark chocolate is not only everything but it also has high amounts of magnesium. Not only is that vitamin great for body energy production, but is also phenomenal for helping the body maintain and regulate its circadian rhythm. This is particularly important to not only for body relaxation and general homeostasis, but also your body’s sleeping schedule specifically. The maintenance of this rhythm is critical to the quality of the sleep you actually get.

You can get a dark chocolate bar, preferably one of quality, and eat small square 2-3 times a day. Not only is bittersweet delicious, will help your satisfy sugar craving, but it will also improve brain function and alertness for the next coming day. Orr, you can make it yourself. It’s cheaper and you can make more. Here is  great recipe from Make Healthy Easy here.

Photo by Michele Blackwell on Unsplash


These snacks are not only magically delicious, but they are great for promoting the body’s rejuvenation and cleansing processes that occur during sleep.

You no longer have to feel bad about a little hunger or a little sweet craving before bed. You can just use it as an excuse to give your body the extra kick it needs during sleep time.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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Much love, peace, and happiness. 😊

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