Use these 10 foods to solve daytime sleepiness by getting deep quality sleep


Sometimes you feel like a zombie when you get up. You slug through the day, attempting to keep your energy and comprehension up from a lost battle waged the night before. We all know sleep is essential to all energy, health, and productivity, but we fail to understand that the quality is just as equally important as the quantity of sleep. Here below I have compiled a simple list of 10 delicious fruits and snacks that can be added to any diet or lifestyle to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep equally.

  • Almonds

Almonds have some of the highest magnesium concentrations in almost any food, putting it first on this list. High amounts of magnesium are essential to the production of key hormones that cause sleep such as melatonin. That makes these nuts a perfect small bedtime snack that not only satisfies your cravings, but also helps you sleep faster and more soundly.

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  • Asparagus

These vegetables have within them a special nutrient called folate which is directly linked with hormones that regulate mood, relaxation, and emotion. The abundance of folate gives this food the ability to contribute to the body’s relaxation reflected in the circulatory and nervous system; this means that it helps the body effectively relax for higher quality sleep.

  • Cherries

This power food has 4 chemicals that directly contribute to sleep quality and duration. The melatonin, tryptophan, potassium, and serotonin work together as a powerful relaxation force that promotes better quality deeper rest. Also within this food, the anti-inflammatory properties from the antioxidants have shown in studies to contribute to more muscular rejuvenation during sleep and better cognitive processes up waking.

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  • Chamomile Tea

Alternative medicine practitioners and standard medical physicians have been citing this tea as an effective treatment for those who have trouble falling asleep. In this tea there is a unique flavonoid compound called apigenin that is believed to cause the brain to activate the nerve receptors that induce sleep. In addition to that, the glycine present also encourages the body’s nerves and muscles to relax which greatly increase the chance of going into a sleep state.

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  • Prunes

Dried plums are not only sweet, healthy, and delicious, but they also contain another 3 part chemical powerhouse specifically designed to encourage more high quality sleep: vitamin B6, calcium, and magnesium. All of these are essential to the body’s natural production of the sleep hormone melatonin making this fruit a great one to eat to go to sleep faster.

  • Bananas

This food, like the cherries above, has melatonin already prepared in it making it perfect for a repetitive evening routine for better sleep. Also this fruit has potassium, which regulates heartbeat and body homeostasis; this makes it easier for the body to be in a relaxed for better muscular rest and rejuvenation during sleep.

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  • Hummus

The Chickpeas that make up hummus are high in tryptophan, folate, and B6, which were all mentioned earlier as being direct lines to the body’s natural production of melatonin and serotonin. Experts recommend Hummus as being a great snack around 1 hour before bed so it still does its job, but does not directly interfere with sleep.

Here’s a recipe for it you can use an hour before bed:

Hummus for a better night’s sleep

  • Walnuts

Like others above, walnuts have a high amount of melatonin in them, making them recommended by doctors as a before bed snack to induce sleep quicker. Also the anti-inflammatory properties from the healthy fats help to relax the body into a sleep state. If you don’t like the nuts by themselves, like me, you can mix them in with cashews, almonds, or my personal favorite: craisins.

  • Oatmeal

High melatonin alert here! The high melatonin amounts in this food naturally relax your body, and when combined with the antioxidants and nutrients present in oatmeal, it causes your body to rejuvenate and relax without issue. You might be used to eating them for breakfast, but you can also eat this food at night with sweet dessert recipes and parfaits with fresh fruit and natural sweeteners. They will knock your socks off!

Here are a few recipes here:

16 Oatmeal Dessert Recipes That Satisfy    

Quick Oat Desserts 

  • Kiwis

In 2013 a study at Taiwan’s Taipei Medical University took place on Kiwi’s influence on sleep duration and quality. This study concluded that eating Kiwis continuously improved sleep quality and duration exponentially, so much so that it was cited thereafter as a ‘sleep superfood’. That being said, try to eat Kiwis continuously to reap the benefits. You don’t have to eat them just before bed all time, but at least keep it in your diet consistently for better sleep. As well as the amazing taste. 😊

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With the 10 foods above, you can improve your sleep without expensive pills or any other unnaturally cultivated methods. Other than the better sleep, the next best thing about these foods is their amazing taste just before bed. You will be looking forward to 2nd dessert with these foods. 😊

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Much love, peace, and happiness. 😊

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  1. I actually like all these foods! I think I need more magnesium in my diet and I didn’t know that almonds were such a great source, I’ll need to include more of these. I used to drink almond milk a lot but I don’t so much anymore. Perhaps I’ll pick it back up. Cherries are my favorite fruit but I don’t actually buy them that often. Now I have an excuse to do so more often 🙂

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