Try 9 ways to release chronic muscle tension and stiffness in lower and upper back


So much sitting! Not to mention all of the other issues that cause back problems to plague us so. You constantly find yourself having to twist and crack your back when it feels strange and tight throughout the day. To make it worse, often your back just seizes up into this ball of painful tension. In this post, I have compiled eight remedies you can use consistently use to relieve back tension immediately and over the long term.

  • Yoga

Due to the slowness, steadiness and therapeutic qualities of Yoga, it is great for long term management of back tension and pain. Because of the lengthening and the soothing of muscles that characterize this practice, here muscles have ample chance to relax as well as strengthen over time. Doing Yoga for back pain not only manages painful symptoms immediately, but also helps lessen the intensity and frequency of the tension over time.

Everyday Health teaches the best Yoga poses to soothe back pain here.

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  • Spices

Yall already know that Turmeric and Garlic are superfoods in mine and everybody’s book. And here they are again, like Tony Stark, to save the day. Turmeric is great for inflammation and tension within the body. The curcumin and other nutrients help relax muscle tension immediately and reduce unnecessary contraction usually for a day or so. Ginger also does this too, but Ginger works further with the hormones in the body that cause you to feel pain; this means it will help take the edge off the tension immediately.

Try out these Turmeric Remedies for back pain here.

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  • Epsom Salt

This salt is the muscular ELIXER!!! This salt is phenomenal and is recommended by medical practitioners around the world as a remedy for muscle tension, soreness, and tiredness. Likely if you have back tension, you are suffering from all three to some degree. My favorite way to use this salt is to put 1 Cup of Epsom Salt in a warm/hot bath. This way the Epsom Salt can do its own magic, while being enhanced by the warm water, which is already relaxing your muscles. If you don’t have time to take a bath, another way is to get Epsom Salt Pain relief gels. This may seem sketchy but they really work. Trust me.

An article for using Epsom Salt specifically for Back pain is here.

  • Heat Application

Compounding on what was said above, heat greatly relaxes muscle tension. This is so much so that they have heat packs designed for the lower back pain for this very reason. These can used to manage symptoms overtime by being put on every evening to relax muscles at the end of a long grueling day. That is a great solution for some, but it’s not my personal cup of tea. My favorite heat trick is soaking in hot water in a tub, usually for about 25-30 minutes. After doing that, my back and legs feel refreshed and rejuvenated. There is little to no pain/tension for 1-2 days of regular activity.

Learn to use heating pads for back pain management here.

How to take baths for pain management is explained here.

  • Aquatic Exercise

This type of exercise deserves so much more credit. It is great for muscles and joints that are damaged, overstrained, or overworked. Studies have proven that aquatic exercise helps strengthen and develop muscles while they are relaxed, causing very little strain or stress to any part of the body. Simple exercises such as Lunges, Water Kicks, and Sideways Walking are great at getting back muscles used in new ways; this increases their flexibility, durability, and elasticity. Doing these exercises continuously while the muscles are relaxed will make everyday activity easier, giving you significantly less  back tension.

Specific aquatic exercises that may will help your back can be found here.

  • Digestive Health

You wouldn’t think they are connected, but they are. The better your digestive health, the less stress and tension occur in the abdominal area. Because the abdominal muscles extending around your body, not just in the front, indigestion and digestive issues can directly affect the internal muscles in the back. Intestinal health through a healthy diet and lifestyle allows that entire area to stay relaxed and not hold tension that begins from intestinal difficulties and issues. So in short: make sure you eat healthy so digestive issues do not attribute to back muscular tension and/or inflammation.

Simple easy general tips to improve digestion can be found in this article here.

  • Consistent Quality Sleep

A consistent lack of sleep in studies has shown to be a significant contributor to continuous inflammation and pain throughout the body. By getting better sleep, muscles relax and can adequately and properly drain muscle fluid. From this, throughout the day, muscles hold less tension and do not inflame as readily as they would otherwise. Giving the body ample time to rest muscles and release in sleep can help day to day activities tremendously. Also notice the term quality. In this sense quality means: in a relaxed position, without much direct light, and preferably sleeping on the left side of your body.

Tips to improve sleep can be found in this straightforward article here.

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  • Foam Roller

This is a great way to provide immediate relief for pain. For those who need assistance stretching due to mobility issues or other reasons, this is a great method that combines stretching with muscular massaging. This apparatus also really helps you also with nerve issues that often accompany back pain and tension. I firmly believe that if you have the funds, you should invest in one.

Foam Roller exercises to specifically help back pain are found in this article here.


With these 8 activities and remedies you can cheaply and effectively manage and eliminate the annoying back tension and pain. Consistency with any one, or all of the activities above, will bring you results that will blow your mind, just as they did mine. 😊

Much love, peace, and happiness. 😊

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