9 Conventional simple foods as remedy for swollen, stiff, and painful joints


Joint pain is something that can make everyday life nearly unbearable. We all know people who are constantly suffering from joint discomfort, some young, some old. Horrible conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout exist and many more have persistent nagging joint pains that attack them even in their youth with no seemingly direct cause. To combat joint issues and deterioration from plaguing you, or even for those with chronic joint conditions, adjusting your diet can give your body the tools to heal itself and lessen the frequency of discomforting symptoms. In this post, you will learn 9 simple tasty foods you can add to any diet or lifestyle that can increase your joint health and prevent the advancing of joint deterioration.

1. Cherries

The vibrant identifying color of this fruit is the secret to its PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER! *yes DisneyPlus is my best friend, don’t judge* These are called ‘anthocyanins’ and they are great at reducing inflammation within the body quickly, making it perfect for those with long term joint issues to use everyday to manage ongoing symptoms. The high levels of antioxidants in this also helps joints reduce free radical concentration in the body throughout the day, reducing opportunities for swelling and discomfort in joints. These can be eaten as great ingredients to breakfast porridge, lunch and dinner sauces and glazes, and also dessert toppings and pies. In addition to that, because of their special power, there are pill forms and extracts of this fruit for special circumstances.

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2. Turmeric

Famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is good not only for long term joint health, but also for relief from immediate discomfort and pain. The nutrient responsible for this is curcumin, which has been shown to be remedy general inflammation, as well as internal attacks on joints that happen in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Not only can you gobble this up guilt free in an Indian dish or Thai curry, you can also drink Turmeric teas that can be found in any grocery store or hundreds of online platforms.

3. Walnuts

Being that these nuts have the highest amount of Omega 3s, walnuts are great for cartilage health and elasticity. In addition to that, these nuts are great at the reduction of inflammation as well as helping cardiovascular and lymphatic health. Although this might seem like it is unrelated, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems help joints in their supply of nutrients as well as their drainage and lubricant supply. By improving the health of these systems, joints have more nutrition to grow stronger as well as proper drainage and passage of synovial fluid and similar lubricants. These can be great dry snacks, added into Asian stir fries, or add a great protein kick to vegan sauces or salads.

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4. Olive Oil

Taking the cake for ultimate versatility- drumroll- IT’S EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!!! For your joints, this oil offers a specific protein that encourages the production of synovial fluid within the joints, the body’s natural joint lubrication. Also the abundance of Omega 3s is great for the health of cartilage throughout the body giving joints the bounce back power for joints when responding to everyday pressures and stresses. This can be put in almost ANY dish from Italian Spaghetti to a dressing ingredient for a summer Spring Mix salad. The possibilities are endless.

5. Chia Seeds

This superfood grain, some refer to it as a nut, is one of the richest source of Omega 3 fatty acids on the planet. I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!! For joint pain specifically, they are great at reducing inflammation as well as helping joint cartilage, strength, and lubrication with Omega 3s. Unique to this food, it greatly reduces blood pressure, which has been shown to rise conjunctively with high amounts of joint pain. Reduced blood pressure reduces swelling and discomfort, and allows the body to more easily flow nutrients in and drain waste out; something of high important large joints like in the knees and back. This food has no taste and therefore can be put in ANYTHING!!!!! It can even be a vegan egg replacement, when added with water, for baking dishes such as breads and muffins; two things I can never get enough of!

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6. Pineapple

These fruits are just EVERYTHING!!!!! The high amount of Vitamin C within this fruit is a key part of the production of collagen within the body, an integral part of the resilience in joint cartilage. An anti-inflammatory enzyme in pineapple not found in many fruits is Bromelain. This enzyme helps stop the body from attacking joints as well as promotes proper joint drainage in the body. This enzyme has been shown in many studies that is works especially well for knee pain. This fruit is so indulgent just diced up raw, but also it is a great ingredient to stir fry recipes, smoothies, sauces, and sweet citrus desserts.

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7. Sweet Potatoes

The high amount of Beta-carotene within this food helps, like the cherries, to significantly reduce the amount of free radical concentrations within the body. Also like the cherries, the color holds the key to its power! Unique to this strong anti-inflammatory and Beta-carotene mix, it prevents the frequency of flare ups and symptoms of joint fatigue, so much so that it contributes to its brilliant orange color.

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8. Ginger

This is a an extreme anti-inflammatory spice key in Ayurvedic medicine just like the above mentioned Turmeric. Unlike turmeric, this spice works more with hormone production in the body in addition to inflammatory fighting properties. Because of this, it promotes the body’s better direction to joints, making them function better and lubricate easier; reducing everyday inflammation and pain consistently. This can be consumed in a tea, found in thousands of platforms online and in brick and mortar stores, or it can be put in delicious stir fry recipes and noodle dishes.

9. Papaya

Papain is the main anti-inflammatory ingredient within this fruit that makes it a remedy for those suffering from chronic and ongoing arthritis and gout. This anti-inflammatory nutrient is unique amoung its colleagues because it specifically helps the body breakdown fibrin, a contributing cause of arthritis and gout inflammation flares. This fruit can be eaten as part of phenomenal breakfast combo, or even great flavor to make custards with at dessert time. In addition to that, because of their special power, there are pill forms and extracts of this fruit.

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Use food to pleasure your way to joint health with the 9 foods mentioned above. Now you have simple delicious ingredients that are versatile enough to add to almost any pallet to mitigate joint pain, increase your joint health, and protect your bones for years in the future.

Much love, peace, and happiness. 😊

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