9 foods as remedies to get glossy, silky, and sleek healthy scalp and hair


Beautiful hair is part of the foundation to any flawless look or fashion sense. No matter what texture it is, the more healthy, luminous, and bright it looks, the better we all feel about the way we present ourselves to the world.

Let it be known now that the only way to continuously get shiny, silky, and sleek hair is from the inside out.

A product may give you that illusion for a minute, but if you don’t include what you put in your body, you’re fighting a loosing battle and a viscous cycle. In addition to shiny hair, you will also get a healthy scalp and higher probability of hair growth and thickening.

For your confident pleasure, I have compiled a list of easy to find foods that are specialized in their makeup to provide hair with all that it needs to look just-from-the-salon every day.

1. Walnuts

These nuts are full of Vitamin B, making them targeted straight to hair health. Vitamin B over many years has shown to enhance hair growth, thicken hair, and strengthen roots. Also these nuts are full of protein giving your hair a jump start on developing keratin, something essential to hair strength and elasticity. With an abundant source of keratin your hair will develop an indispensable ability to bounce back like a trampoline.

2. Lentils

These phenomenal beans are filled with with folic acid, better known as Iron, which helps the body’s circulation system health, and in this case helps with scalp circulation specifically. Providing better circulation to the scalp will strengthen hair from the roots and encourage the nutrients to span throughout the entire length of hair. Also Biotin is abundant in this food, making hair smoother and luminous through encouraging cell renewal and hair growth.

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3. Pumpkins

Pumpkins pack a punch, and are magically delicious not just at Thanksgiving but year-round also. Filled with Vitamins, they improve overall health with essential nutrients such as Zinc and Iron in high quantities. Another amazing benefit of pumpkins is that they are natural conditioners that will help hair stay moisturized and smooth through everyday styling stress. Pumpkins can be eaten by the seeds or by the mature vegetable. It can be applied to hair directly in Pumpkin Seed Oil or Pumpkin flesh; or it can be ingested as Pumpkin seeds or flesh.

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4. Seaweed

This versatile yet exotic food is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, a crucial element to thickening as well as growing hair. Also these acids help increase circulation to the scalp which increases hair elasticity and nutrient abundance. This yields luxurious glowing beautiful locks with minimal effort. The special balance of Vitamin A and C in this plant increases production of a natural oil in the scalp that is essential to hair growth: sebum. Natural sebum production helps your hair feel more conditioned and smooth with little to no product intervention.

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5. Avocados

This food is famous for encouraging hair growth specifically. Also the Vitamin E present in this food helps the skin and scalp to repair itself easier through frequent cell renewal and moisture retention. Another effect of Vitamin E is giving hair better root health and nutrient transport, therefore significantly improving hair health at whatever length. Avocados, like with skin, are also great to provide hair with the tools to easily bounces back from UV Sun damage.

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6. Carrots

Filled with Vitamins A and E, this food is great at promoting scalp health, hair moisture, and hair elasticity. In addition to that, carrots have been shown in several studies to decrease hair loss and thinning. This makes this food an indispensable resource for everyone as time goes marching on. This newfound strength to prevent hair fall, moisture retention, and elasticity will also contribute to a less probability of premature hair graying.

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7. Banana

This fruit is great at moisturizing the scalp and helping it to stay healthy long term. Like none of the other foods, this fruit is great at reducing the probability of hair frizz action in less than perfect conditions.  Like Lentils, this food has a lot folic acid, making it a soldier for UV protection and bouce-back-from-styling power. Bananas, like our dear friends the Pumpkins above, can be applied to hair topically, or they can be ingested for the same great effects. Of course one will be a little faster than the other though.

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8. Spinach

The Vitamin A and the folic acid present in this food are great at helping hair strengthen itself through encouraging the body’s natural production of oils. The presence of natural oils within the hair makes it look more vibrant, lively, and glowing. This food also helps reduce hair fall because of the high amount of magnesium present and increasing scalp and skin health and circulation. What’s special about this food is that it is one of the few plants with a high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, making hair more elastic, strong, and resistant to all types of environmental damage.

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9. Chia Seeds

A go-to source of Omega-3s is one of the many reasons Chia Seeds are great for keeping hair silk, shiny, and moisturized in texture. Also other powerful nutrients in this superfood are phosphorous and calcium. These make hair revitalize itself not only to become longer and grow, but also to repair environmental and UV damage present in stands from everyday life. The Amino acid chains present in this food are great at promoting general hair, skin, and nail revitalization, strength, and immunity to everyday toxins.

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As we all know, what we put on the inside, has a direct effect on what we see on the outside. With this post I hope I can convince you that instead of spending unnecessary money on a conditioner to give you “perfect hair”, you can eat foods that are great for your body as well as your hair health.

Much love, peace, and happiness. 😊

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