7 vegetable, spices, and fruits for DIY home remedies for glowing healthy showstopping skin


Looking “bright-eyed and bushy tailed” every day is something a lot of people struggle with. You spend an excessive amount of money on makeup to not enhance your features, as its purpose is, but try to cover up blemishes.

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of skin issues and problems are associated from nutrient deficiencies that start internally, but eventually move to external. By using natural foods internally and externally, you can the luminous, dewy, acne-free, glowing angelic skin you’ve always dreamed. But the best part is that is will be with little to no extra effort.

This list is a compilation of foods to eat and to include in your DIY external recipes to get the show-stopping, luminous skin that has always been your end goal.

1. Turmeric

Tea and DIY Masks

Turmeric is phenomenal for skin specifically for several reasons. The first thing is that it is anti-inflammatory, for skin meaning that it discourages skin from swelling, puffing, or becoming easily inflamed by outside or inside conditions. Also this spice is antifungal, meaning that any bacteria within your body is more likely to be flushed out of your system fast than remain unnoticed and travel to skin to cause acne and breakouts. An undeniable fact about this spice is its miraculous anti aging properties that will make you look like Mother Gothel in ‘Tangled’ at any age. *just kidding* This spice encourages the expulsion of dead skin cells, helping brighten skin, helping skin elasticity, and reduce pores and dark spots.

DIY Mask

2 Tbsp Turmeric, 4 Tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)

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2. Beet Root


These nutritionally pack a punch greater than even the Hulk. *not kidding this time* This food has been used since prehistoric times as a herbal remedy topical or ingested for a variety of ailments. Skin is no exception. This root helps skin to maintain its moisture and readily cycle out damaged cells for better newer ones, giving your skin a fresher luminous glow. Also the high antioxidant properties will allow less bacterium to be stored within the skin, making breakouts slow and eventually come to a screeching halt. Also its Vitamin C helps even out skin tone, giving you a break on having to use so much makeup, and giving you more confidence in your natural beauty.

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3. Avocado

Food and Mask

The superpower of this food are absolutely endless, like Doctor Strange. *my fav marvel superhero* The Vitamin E in this food is great for antioxidant properties, and helping skin retain its natural moisturizing agents and oils. Due to the healthy fats, this food helps premature wrinkling, skin dullness, collagen production, and can significantly guard against sun damage. Another power is its ability to inspire quicker growth of new skin cells and skin renewal, this makes it perfect for application or ingestion to treat contact dermatitis and small nicks and cuts on skin.

DIY Mask

½ Cup Avocado, ½ Cup Oatmeal

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4. Leafy Greens, i.e. Spinach, Kale


Leafy Greens are full of antioxidants that are like the photon blasters in ‘Captain Marvel’- they are unmatched in comparison to their diabolical foes. *cue Samuel L Jackson one-liner* Also, the Vitamins in them have specific benefits directly correlated to skin such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C which together prevent dry skin and loss of collagen and elasticity respectively. Beta-carotene, a prominent nutrient in all of these, provides nutrients to skin that prevent it from deteriorating quickly from sun radiation. The same carotenoid also helps the body to smooth skin through encouraging cell production, turnover, and moisture retention in the skin.

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5. Lemon

Drink and Mask

Lemons, like a lot of Citrus fruits, are great at providing the body with Vitamin C which is a key contributor in skin firmness and collagen production. Not only when consumed, but when used on skin – WITH CAUTION- the acids in lemon can lighten age spots and help removed caked layers of dead skin gathered at the surface. In addition to that lemons, unlike a most store bought cleansers, does not strip skin of its nutrients. This means that pores can be open, breathe, and be free of dirt and residual bacteria without making your face feel like baking paper. *I wish I was exaggerating*

DIY Mask

2 tsp lemon juice, 1 Tbsp. honey

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6. Almonds


A popular cause of acne is a deficiency of the nutrients zinc and selenium. Almonds, as are a number of whole grains, rich in these two minerals, making it a super destroyer of acne. *light saber and all* Also, being a low glycemic food, they reduce sugar spikes and aid in keeping insulin steady which can decrease the appearance of zits and blackheads. The free radicals present in this food also assist in the strengthening of the entire immune system. Over time this helps to decrease toxin concentrations body systems, thus decreasing spontaneous acne breakouts throughout the body. *get those dark chocolate almonds girl*

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7. Dark Chocolate

Food and DIY

Other than being amazingly delicious, dark chocolate is great for skin renewal and illumination. This chocolate helps skin stay moisturized, by having nutrients that revitalize the dermis, outer layer, or skin and allow it to remain that way longer. As everything else on this list, the high antioxidants help the body to flush toxins and prevent them from gathering on the skin. But like none of the other foods, it greatly helps with circulation and nerve development within the body, making skin wrinkles a much less likely occurrence.

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DIY Mask

2 bars dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa), ⅔ cup milk, 1 teaspoon sea salt, 3 tablespoons brown sugar

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Much love, peace, and happiness. 😊

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