7 tricks and remedies to beat the hard stomach bloating and digestive gas


We all try our best to avoid bloating but with regular diet or stress, it always seems to creep up on us. Not only do we feel uncomfortable internally, but it makes us self conscious of the way others see us. 

Honestly, it’s completely out of control. The constant hard and bloated stomach and the discomfort of bubbling digestive gases is so annoying and inconvenient. And it is completely fixable with food. With your diet you can tell your body to detoxify itself and release the inflammatory agents that are causing not only belly bloat, but overall water retention as well.

Instead of letting it ruin your fun, here is a list of 7 tricks that can debloat in a flash and restore your peace and confidence.

  • Ginger Tea

Ginger is almost a ‘cure-all’ spice and here is no exception. Ginger has been hailed for thousands of years as a great aid to the health of the entire digestive system. It possesses nutrients that help the intestines to absorb more from food, and most importantly reduce waste in the body. Ginger is also fantastic for, inflammation, something that can occurs in the intestines when unhealthy foods are put into the body regularly. By aiding in the intestines efficiency in extracting nutrients and eliminating waste, the body can debloat and shed extra baggage easily.

Bloating is no exception to the power of giner in releaving digestive woes.
  • DIY Detox Waters

This is a great get-two-birds-with-one-stone type of deal. Not only do you hydrate with water, but you get to infuse some of the nutrients from fruit or veggies in it also. Some people argue about the taste bring strange, but there are some good recipes out there!

DIY Detox Waters are a great way eliminate occasional uncomfortable bloat to to have fun great tastes.

You can find three of them here.

Grapefruit Cucumber Cucumber Strawberry Citrus Aloe
Grapefruit Cucumber Ginger Mint Honey Cucumber Strawberries Apple Raspberries Mint Oranges Lemon Juice Aloe Vera Juice/Gel Mint Leaves

The best thing about these is you can have them in a pitcher in your fridge for only at home, or you can take them to work in portable bottles. Also, it’s a little more fun for some people instead of always drinking water.

  • Hydrate constantly

Water will hydrate the body and help send the body a message that it can let go of some of the bloating from water weight. Hydrating with WATER specifically is probably the most important portion of this because carbonated drinks especially are known to mess with the intestines and interfere with good natural digestion bacteria. Also water consistently counteracts bloating from high amounts of salt from foods, and very high carb intake.

Hydrating is an essential key to reducing stomach bloat and reducing inflamation throughout the body.
  • Regulate the Fiber

Fiber is the lifeblood of the digestive system! Figuratively of course. It is powerful, but it should be understood and used comprehensively. Sometimes when you crash-course fiber when starting a new rigorous diet or lifestyle change, it can accidently bloat its user unsuspectedly. Fibrous foods are great for you, but sometimes in overly high, very high, concentrations they can in fact lead to a little bloating if ambushed all at once. Over time this dissipates however so don’t lower your fiber intake forever, just take it nice and slow. *cue R&B music*

Fiber is phenomenal at helping reduce bloat becuase it litterally forces extra waste contents from the intestines.
  • Swig some Apply Cider Vinegar

Another one of the many benefits of this phenomenal household staple. Apply Cider Vinegar is great for digestive health by balancing healthy bacteria in the intestines; this promotes better absorption of nutrients as well as less inflammatory toxins. Also it helps stimulate the intestines to readily eliminate waste that might be built up of from toxins, indigestion, or general unhealthy foods. A popular recipe for this is 1 Tablespoon ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar), 1 Teaspoon cinnamon, and a drop of stevia, or honey. That recipe is a good quick go-to during the morning, night, or afternoon, for any lifestyle.

Apple Cider Vinegar is great for reducing bloat immediately, but also good for preventing future episodes of extreme bloating.
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  • Take a bath with Epsom Salt

This is great for reducing inflammation within the body and relaxing the muscles; those in the intestines are no exception. By relaxing these muscles, it helps them better do their job by encouraging them to contract better and move waste out of the digestive system. Also it can debloat you through pulling excess water out of your body everywhere, not just your stomach. This makes it perfect for bikini beach dates, or sleek slink evening wear. *cue wink*. When doing this, a great cherry on top is dropping essential oils in the water; the aromatherapy will also work you relax the body throughout, enhancing the effectiveness of the entire process.

  • Dandelion Tea

This herbal medicinal tea is great for the purpose of reducing bloating as well as irregularity. This tea encourages the body to clean the digestive tract of old residual waste through it’s natural mild laxative properties. Also it is really good at alleviating constipation, which is another main cause of excessive bloating.

Dandelion tea is phenomenal for digestive health in general and it is great for bloating becuase it inspires waste removal as well as nutrient absorbtion.
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There are in fact concise, natural, and affordable solutions that can decrease bloating long term, and have immediate relief of symptoms as well. Finding them means a world of difference in giving confidence and self assurance when stepping into a public setting or interaction.

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