7 Respiratory tips to increase lung function, capacity, and overall health


Breathing is one of the most important body functions.

The oxygen and gases from the air gives some of the fuel to the body needed for all inner-workings to run all other functions. 

To not pay attention to their wellbeing is to allow respiratory infections, bronchitis, lung disease, and even types of lung cancer to slip by unnoticed.

Within this post we will explore four categories and ways to improve lung health that don’t involve and entire lifestyle changes, but give small things you can add to your life that can improve lung health fast. 

1. Posture

Slouching in chairs and when standing can greatly diminish lung capacity as well as lessens the power of the diaphragm. By contracting the diaphragm and lungs, your body will be forces to take shallower breaths, giving less oxygen to the brain and body, increasing anxiety and inflammation through less expulsion of CO2. Constantly be on top of your posture, and also get up and stretch throughout the day to keep the body from habitual muscle stiffness.  

2. Pranayama (Deep Breathing)

There is a specific practice in yoga called Pranayama is formal name for the Yogic art of deep breathing. This not only greatly rejuvenates the lungs, it also helps the deep breathing to become more habitual and trains the body to do it unconsciously. Also over time with consistency, it has been shown repeatedly to increase lung capacity. A simple way to practice this is to slowly inhale, consciously expand your belly below the diaphragm, expand your lower ribs, and allow the upper chest to expand and lift. After this, exhale by letting the chest fall, contract the ribs and contract the abdominal muscles tor release all the air. 

3. Ginger Tea 

The anti-inflammatory properties of this root helps lungs function better in way, and helps the lungs by giving them several nutrients and compounds to boost their function. In addition to the Ginger is an antibacterial, meaning that it boosts lunch immunity specifically to kill most of the bacteria and viruses that enter the lungs. Also this root improves circulation, meaning that it can help give the lungs more opportunities to share it’s oxygen from the air with the rest of the body easily. 

4. Turmeric Tea 

Very similar to the power of Ginger, Turmeric is also a very powerful anti-inflammatory, meaning that it can help alleviate small bouts of asthma symptoms such as excess music production and inflammation. In addition to that, it is also antibacterial and has shown significant success in preventing infections similar the nature of pneumonia; this makes it extremely unique and valuable. The high antioxidant content also provides the lungs with nutrition compounds it needs to efficiently function such as iron, potassium, manganese, and vitamin B6. 

5. Citrus Fruits

Grapefruit specifically is great for alleviating symptoms of lung diseases such as COPD, and is also great for those who are just trying to cleanse their lungs. Citrus fruits also have high antioxidants, reducing inflammation and also reducing cancerous cells within the lungs. Also it encourages blood vessels within the lungs to operate more efficiently, therefore allowing the eater to breath clearer with proper oxygen flow and less mucus buildup. 

6. Cruciferous Vegetables 

These vegetables not only are nutritionally wealthy for general health, but they also are exceptionally great for lowering the risk of lung cancer by at least 50% each time they are eaten. The chlorophyll in these plants is a wonderful detox to the body and to the lungs. In addition to that Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, etc. are easy to get in high amounts for affordable prices. This means one can use them in a high amounts consistently to help lungs be less toxic steadily and for the long term. 

7. Hydration

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how much most people underestimate the importance of water in lung health. By having a consistent intake of water, the lungs’ mucus linings throughout stay moist, meaning it is better able to absorb nutrients and absorb oxygen to transport to other places within the body. In addition to that, water detoxes and promotes flushing toxins in the body naturally, so that harmful bacteria and irritants that do come in the lungs are immediately set to be expelled out of the body. 


With this post I hope you learned 7 ways to improve lung health long term immediately and with minimal effort on your part.

Much love, peace, and happiness. 😊

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