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Digestion is at the core of body performance. Enhancing its efficiency will not only improve your health immediately, but also improve the way your body works long term. Tea is a relaxing and nutritional tool that invigorates the body with nutrients that encourage the body to balance digestive hormones and fat metabolizing in the body. Fruits do the same thing, and are phenomenally tasty. These two things are the great balance bridge because they are extremely mobile, light, and low maintenance. They don’t require a lot of time or prep and can be customized to personal preference easily.

Adding the foods and teas below to your diet will manage constipation, indigestion, bloating, and other digestive issues that cause issues such as weight gain and intestinal diseases. In this post, you will learn tasty, easy-to-find fruits and teas to embellish your daily routine to encourage digestive and metabolic performance within the body.

Routine Application

Morning- Rejuvenated Prep

  • Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a known worldwide for it's digestive medicinal qualities.

Ginger is great for a host of digestive problems and issues. Its great for nausea and stomach bloating that could be associated with digestive discomfort and indigestion. Also ginger helps greatly for stomach cramping and heartburn associated with digestion issues that regularly plague so many. Also Ginger tea helps with constipation, and encourages full digestive efficiency that allows the body to effectively get the most nutrients out of its food. The two compounds of gingerols and shogaols, present in Ginger, support healthy stomach contractions and intestinal contractions for healthy elimination of waste.

  • Bananas

The high fiber content in Bananas is great for aiding in digestion first thing in the morning.

High fiber content in bananas encourages regularity in bowel movements meaning it helps intestinal health. Also it helps protect the stomach lining, preventing ulcers and also increasing the general health of stomach lining. Potassium levels that are present in this fruit also help aid in intestinal function and colonic health through helping muscles to contract smoothly, something essential to digestive system elimination. Less ripe bananas are a good source of resistant starches that can be beneficial to bacteria living within the large intestinal tract. Finally, their consumption is shown to prevent colon cancer because of the large antioxidant count.

  • Grapefruit

Grapefruti is phenonmental not only for it's enzymes that promote enhance digestion, but throughout the day it also helps prevent insulin spikes in the body.

The first thing grapefruit helps is over time helping metabolism speed, therefore helping greatly in weight loss digestive health. Improved insulin in the blood is another benefit that happens from grapefruit by the fruit blocking over overabsorption of carbohydrates by the body, preventing insulin spikes. Preventing insulin spikes helps the body’s metabolic and digestive system be more efficient. In addition to that, there is a high soluble and insoluble fiber content, encouraging regularity, lowering cholesterol and blood sugars, and overall improving nutrient absorption by the body. The high Vitamin C content in Grapefruit is also good for helping the brain regulate digestive enzymes, helping appropriate digestion hormone production in the brain.

Day- Work Grind

  • Dandelion Tea

The extract of this plant has been shown to stimulate the digestive system contraction and promote flow of food from the stomach and into the intestines. Also this tea prevents inflammation and decrease of stomach acid, both of which work to decrease heartburn as well as stomach ulcers. This tea prevents starch absorption, which over time improves efficient intestinal absorption of minerals and nutrients. In holistic health and ayurvedic medicine practices, dandelion tea is used to over time eliminate constipation and promote bowel regularity fast. Finally, it also helps with bloating and can reduce water weight throughout the entire the body.

  • Apple

Apples have a high amount of insoluble fiber and pectin to help not only long term, but also for immediate relief from digestive issue symptoms.

The high amount of soluble fiber within this fruit is shown to help one feel fuller longer and eat less. In addition to that, the high insoluble fiber content relieves constipation and stimulates elimination of waste within the body. The high antioxidant content within the fruit helps overall health and especially eliminating inflammation within the gastrointestinal tract, allowing better nutrient absorption and digestive contraction. The chemical Pectin in apples works as a natural laxative and diuretic immediately works to relieve constipation and eliminating large amounts of water weight in the body.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea has been used for thousands of years to regulate digestion and also help destroy harmful intestinal bacteria.

The caffeine present in this tea is not only good for mental alertness, but is also good for maintaining regularity and elimination of waste within the body. The catechins in Green Tea help regulate the efficiency of digestive enzymes, and their discretion and efficiency of absorbing the calories taken into the body. Green Tea has also been shown to ease symptoms of intestinal diseases such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and inflammatory bowel syndrome in several medical studies. Polyphenols in green tea have the ability to attack malicious foreign bacteria and viruses that might appear within the intestinal tract.

Night- Scaled down Reflection

  • Peppermint Tea

This type of tea is great for reducing digestive gas and also for immediate treatment for stomach aches. Also this tea can aid in providing relief from diarrhea and abdominal pain and cramping. Study trials have also proven that this tea helps with the inflammation, bloating, and gas associated with irritable bowel syndrome. In addition to that, this tea can help immunity by encouraging the digestive system to be able to determine and destroy malicious bacteria and leave healthy digestive bacteria. Also this tea is high in fiber, which as referenced several times in this post, is well correlated with bowel regularity and elimination of waste.

  • Mangos

Mangoes have an abundance of enzymes specifically targeted to help the intestines digest more nutrients from food and dispose of waste efficiently.

The enzymes present within this fruit are phenomenal in aiding the body in the digestion of proteins and fibers taken within the body. In addition the enzymes, the fiber present within the mangos is great for intestinal health through maintaining healthy bacteria and therefore better nutrient absorption. Also, the fiber type in this is soluble fiber, promoting bowel regularity. This fruit also cuts down on water weight, decreases inflammation, and increasing immunity to toxins ingested into the body. The potassium and magnesium in this fruit is also great for helping muscular health, something of the upmost importance to the digestive system.

  • Apricots

Apricots are known for promoting intestinal immunity and help intestines remain healthy, clean, and help process out harmful bacterium from food.

This fruit can be eaten fresh, or dried as a remedy to digestive and immune system issues. The high antioxidant content of these fruits is great for helping overall body health and intestinal immunity to ingested toxins or harmful bacteria. The Vitamin C content of this fruit also helps for better nutrient absorption as well as by helping the body produce collagen essential to maintaining health of the tissues of the digestive tract.

Final Thoughts

Fruit and teas can be easily can be added to any diet, and pay for themselves in dividends through improved health and wellness, both mental and physical.

Skim the bullet points below to bring it on home:

  • In the morning: Ginger Tea, Bananas and Grapefruit are all things that can be easily added to your morning routine that will invigorate your digestive system throughout the day to not only start off well, but be efficient throughout the day.
  • During the work day: Dandelion tea, Green Tea, and Apples are great as steady energy boosters for mid day fatigue that also double as digestive metabolic boots also.
  • During relaxation evening: Peppermint Tea and servings of apricots and mangoes are great to unwind and reinvigorate digestive processes from the previous day and prepare for the next.

Much love, peace, and happiness.

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